Waste storage

Under Waste Storage Time Regulations, waste must be disposed of within twelve months the time of generation.

Equally, all stored waste must be clearly identified and labeled in suitable containers and segregated according to their waste type. Certain waste are considered incompatible (see Royal Commission Environmental Regulations or US EPA 40 CFR) and should not be stored in the same area because of the risk of fire, chemical reaction, etc. which may cause injury or damage to life or property.

All stored waste should be inspected on a regular basis to ensure there is no leakage or that containers have expanded due to either exposure to external heat or some chemical reaction or polymerization of the container contents.

Due to the increasing risk of injury or damage over time, all waste materials should be removed from site to a registered Waste Management Contractor disposal facility as soon as practicably possible. There is no benefit to the generator of storing waste for longer than is necessary; the cost of treatment and disposal is not going to be less and risk of a major incident will increase.

The professional Waste Management Contractor can advise you on all matters of waste storage and advise you on the precautions you need to take.


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