Waste acceptance procedures

Hazardous waste management contractors are only permitted by regulation to receive those materials with known waste treatment characteristics. This means that before a waste can be accepted, the waste management contractor must be fully aware of the nature of the material, its compatibility with other material, the risks associated with storage and the techniques to be employed in treatment and disposal.

All waste must be allocated a Waste Profile Sheet number. This identifies both the waste and the waste generator.

Prior to waste delivery, a purchase order or a valid contract must be in place-both to safeguard the generator from unauthorized shipments and to enable subsequent invoicing and issue of a Waste Disposal Certificate.
Advanced notice (48hrs) of intended delivery indicating both the waste(s) and approximate quantity is required to enable internal tracking and receipting procedure and any special handling facilities to be arranged.

The generator is required to complete a Waste Manifest which should accompany the waste on its journey to the treatment facility.

On receipt, the actual weight of the material is recorded and a Weighbridge Ticket issued. BeeA'h reserves the right to undertake fingerprint analysis of the waste in order to assess conformity of waste treatment characteristics against those originally determined for this material. Any deviation resulting in necessary changes to the predetermined treatment regime and the treatment and disposal unit rate will be notified to the customer and their formal agreement obtained before the material can be disposed.

Following disposal, the generator will be issued with a Waste Disposal Certificate as a formal record that the material has been disposed of in accordance with current environmental regulations.


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