Environmental Engineering

Industry today is faced with the challenges of meeting increasingly more stringent environmental regulations whilst operating in increasingly competitive world-wide markets. Environmental management has become an integral part of industrial management practice and plays an important role in optimizing performance, protecting the company's reputation in the global community and helping to preserve our environment.

BeeA'h is the acknowledged expert in the application of science and engineering to meet the environmental challenges faced by industry. The wealth of knowledge, skills and experience combined with an international network of other specialist International Environmental Consultancies means that BeeA'h can offer world class solutions to any environmental problem.

BeeA'h environmental engineering services include:

  • Environmental impact review and assessment
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Emission testing
  • Stack testing
  • Fugitive emission monitoring and predictive emission testing
  • Solid waste management
  • Emergency and safety planning
  • Dioxin and Furans surveys
  • Environmental Consultancy

...and much more


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