Analytical Services Clients

Client Description of Work
King Abdulaziz Naval Base, Jubail Soil investigation and analysis.
Cristal Titanium Company, Yanbu Yearly contracts for inorganic metals analyses.
Halliburton NUS, Houston, Texas Analysis of contaminated soil at Ras Tanura refinery.
Saudi Petrochemicals Co., Jubail Regular analyses of water, soil, hazardous chemicals.
S.D. Myers Inc. (c/o Al-Arfaj Co.), Dhahran PCB's testing.
Ciba-Geigy (SACOM Div), Riyadh Analysis of toxic soil.
Petromin Shell Refinery Analyses of hazardous wastes.
Saudi Methanol Company, Jubail Analyses of waste materials and effluent streams.
Khadamat, Jubail Miscellaneous chemical analyses.
US Army Corps of Engineers, Jubail Analyses of military wastes in conjunction with SABCO.
Basic Chemical Industries Corp., Dammam Miscellaneous chemical analyses.
Saudi Aramco Refinery Co., Dhahran Analyses of hazardous toxic wastes.
Brown and Root Saudi Ltd., Ras Tanura Analyses of soil and groundwater.
Saudi Industrial Paint Co., Dammam Analyses of chemical substrates.
National Methanol Co. IBN SINA, Jubail Analyses of hazardous waste.
Olayan Design & Const.,Jubail Miscellaneous analyses.
Saudi Hydraulics, Riyadh Determination of toxic chrome levels.
Oilfield Chemicals Ltd., Dammam Waste oil analyses.
SWCC Desalination Plant, Ras Al-Ghar Analyses of discarded chemicals.
Mobil Refinery, Yanbu Analyses of waste streams.
Ar-Razi Petrochemical Company, Jubail Analyses of wastewater.
KEMYA, Jubail Analyses of waste materials.
Saudi Formaldehyde Company, Jubail Product analyses.
VECO Arabia, Dhahran Analyses of soils for PCB levels.
Projects performed in collaboration with Meteorological Environmental Protection Administration (MEPA)
Client Description of Work
Saudi Railways, Dammam Coastal Area Assessment of contaminated site.
Saudi Aramco, Jeddah Refinery Analysis of treated wastewater effluent.
Al-Dagal Tannery, Madinah Sampling and analysis of untreated & treated wastewater for performance evaluation.
Basic Chemical Industry, Dammam Assessment of contaminated area.
JICA-Chiyoda Dames & Moore, arabian Gulf Seawater Monitoring Project Analysis of seawater & sediment samples for physico-chemical parameters.


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