How to choose a Waste Management Contractor

Before choosing a Waste Management Contractor ask yourself.

Why am I producing this waste?
Can I change the production process to reduce the amount of waste or use less hazardous materials?
Can I reuse the material? or recycle it, or recover it?

If you are not sure you may want to contact a Waste Minimization specialist for more information.

Waste Disposal may be only option but remember, Waste Disposal is the last resort not the first choice!

Selecting the right company to manage your waste is one of the most important environmental management decisions you make.

The professional waste management company should be able to provide you with the following:

  • Evidence of a Hazardous Waste Management license, permits, etc.
  • A Waste Characterization and analysis service to identify whether waste is hazardous or not.
  • Evidence of a Waste Tracking System.
  • A range of treatment and disposal facilities.
  • Evidence of comprehensive procedures for treatment and disposal of your waste.
  • Can propose a treatment and disposal regime that satisfies environmental regulations-not just a rate.
  • A Waste Disposal Certificate.
  • Explanation of your regulatory responsibility and liability, and certifies who is responsible for the waste after it has been disposed.
  • Technical and scientific support.
  • An open invitation to view facilities and to question senior staff.
  • A list of client companies already using waste management contractor.

If you are satisfied with the responses you received to these questions, then you have probably made a wise choice.

As with all things, you get what you pay for and what may be a cheap alternative today may be a very expensive mistake in several years time.

If you must generate a waste material then choose a company you can trust to treat and dispose of it properly to protect the environment and your reputation.


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