Company Background


The National Environmental Preservation Company (BeeA'h) was incorporated in 1988 with the mission of promoting sound environmental management practices in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and developing systems and processes to safely and effectively manage the by-products of industrial activities.

BeeA'h is dedicated to environmental excellence in the management and operation of its facilities as well as in the environmental services provided to customers.



  • Efficient, controlled use and protection of all natural resources as well as protection of the general public.
  • Commitment to legal environmental compliance will be the minimal basis for implementing programs and procedures.
  • To be environmentally responsible in the community.

BeeA'h has developed expertise over the entire spectrum of the environmental management field to provide safe and efficient solutions for industrial customers with respect to environmental improvements and pollution abatement. It also operates the only licensed facility of its kind in the Middle East for the treatment and controlled disposal of the complete range of hazardous and non-hazardous industrial wastes.

Through the continual development of "best available techniques not entailing excessive cost" [BATNEEC] our primary remit has, and continues to be that of providing the most cost-effective solutions for managing environmental concerns without compromise, and above all by the most truly professional means.